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Types of wood:


Laminated wood

laminated wood
Walnut is the traditional wood for grip fabrication. Due to its special nature, not tearing, no deforming, it makes a fine shaft wood.

We use European walnut.

This natural resource may vary in brightness or texture.

Our laminated wood is made up of solid-colored veneers, which are bonded to the adequate width. Even after grip adjustments, the color stays true.

The color combination is “blue-orange-brown”.

Both wood materials have similar properties. Laminated wood is approx. 20 % heavier. Apart from that, the difference is purely esthetic.

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Press article in the WNZ from 14.01.2018


Our new dealer for USA:

Pardini USA

Pardini USA LLC in Tampa, FL 33687-6001, now sells all our grips in US!
Regularly once a month we make grips for them.
The delivery time is between 2 and 6 weeks!


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