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Grips with wedge palm rest for supported shooting:

For the DSB (German shooting federation) disciplines "Air-, Sport- and Free Pistol supported" (from senior class 1 > 51 years) we have special grips on offer.
For Air Pistol:
 For Sport Pistol:

 For Free Pistol:

With the three set screws you can adjust the rest plate to an exact horizontal Position.Because the space in the measure box at the sports pistol is very limited, only a front extended palm rest can be used here.Function like at Air Pistol!


 AP supported

adjustment wedge-rest 

Hollow grinded rest plate,
parallel to the barrel axis.
Adjustable with three screews
(only at AP and FP).
You may have your Rink-Grip refitted with a wedge palm rest:
Fits only to our grips! 


 Rules for supported disziplines:


The wedge supports do not have to be dismantled for freehand shooting, since they correspond to the rules of the "normal" disciplines!
For air and sports pistols, the grips, including the support and pistol, must fit into the corresponding test box
According to judge information 11/19 of the DSB, the support surface must be "approximately parallel to the barrel axis"!
The word "approximately" should be emphasized here! The background is that there were shooters who tilted the support surface, so that they could push horizontally against the support bar.
Only this should be prevented with this rule complement and has nothing to do with the above figure in the rules (measure 40mm parallel to the barrel axis)! 

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Our workshop is still in operation, orders are processed normally!

Customers who visit us, please pay attention to these safety precautions:

1. Only alone, no escorts!

2. Cover mouth and nose (face mask or cloth)!

3. Immediately after entering the workshop, wash your hands (1st door on the left)!

Stay healthy!


Our office is closed from 3rd of July till including 7th of July 2020!


New videos:

Steel plate shooting (1min.):
Steel plate shooting
With english subtitles!

Production of shoulder stocks (53min.):
Production of shoulder stocks
English subtitles can be switched on!

Field target duel (1min.):
Field target duel
With english subtitles!

Slip on an anatomical pistol grip (4min.):
Reingreifen in den Pistolengriff
English subtitles can be switched on!

Making of a custom made grip (43min.):
Making of a custom made grip
English subtitles can be switched on!


Our new dealer for United Kingdom:

Bisley Sports Wholesale

Bisley Sports Wholesale in Brookwood/ Surrey, now sells all our grips in UK!
Regularly once a month we make grips for them.
The delivery time is between 2 and 6 weeks!


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